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10 top tens for Hot Fuzz's tenth

This year, after watching Hot Fuzz for the tenth time, and still picking up little details I'd never noticed before, I went down to the pub for a glass of celebratory cranberry juice. I thought Anglonerd magazine, too, should celebrate the brilliance of this film in a big way, so here is not just a top ten list, but ten top ten lists, highlighting the best one hundred things about Edgar Wright's comedy action flick. *Spoilers*

Jaime Pond, Anglonerd, 14th February 2017

Laughing at the idiotic things people write under YouTube videos could be seen as facile but Adam Buxton (the beardy one from 6Music's Adam and Joe) has refined it into an art form. In this adaptation of his cult stage shows he showcases innovative and inventive music videos, then rips apart the comments posted on the internet about them, with a dazzling array of funny voices, off-the-wall humour and silly songs. I was crying with laughter.

The videos are great, too, highlighting why so many promo directors turn to making films. But Adam's own bonkers collaboration with director Garth Jennings for a Japanese heavy-metal riff on Eddie Cochrane's Summertime Blues takes some beating.

David Crawford, Radio Times, 9th July 2012

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