Video clips

The Intrepid Adventures Of Pamplemousse Lautrec - Juicy

The eponymous hero somehow manage to foil the bad guys and still get the girl in spite of both his staggering ineptitude and general all-round idiocy.

History of the NHS... in five minutes

Learn about the History of the NHS in five minutes!

Comedy Threesomes: Oi, Pussy! - Scardey Cat

Even though there is a catnapper on the loose, Pussy is determined to get some chicken and show Muffin he isn't scared.

Harassment, Actually

A sketch about the popular art of street "catcalling". The creators say: "Doesn't matter how romantic the words are, if you're shouting them at a stranger, it's intimidation. We get it." They add: "Note: every effort was made to ensure that no male comedians were harmed in the making of this video."

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