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Known for: The Inbetweeners (Carli D'Amato)

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A new comedy by Andy Lynch with an astonishingly starry cast: Clive Anderson, Ricky Tomlinson, Martine McCutcheon, Andy Parsons and Emily Head (from TV's The Inbetweeners). And now the plot. Who is this hairy old Scouser who accosts a career-minded female producer in the street? Is he just a stalker? It's directed by Dirk Maggs, the master of feelgood surround-sound.

Gillian Reynolds, The Telegraph, 18th December 2010

Chat-show hosts make great fodder for writers as it's so tempting to imagine huge egos going hand in hand with those large salaries. This comedy drama by Andy Lynch finds Clive Anderson taking a wry dig at his own CV as a self-obsessed frontman who's not impressed when his careerist producer gets herself a stalker. The all-star cast includes Martine McCutcheon, Ricky Tomlinson, Andy Parsons and Emily Head, from Channel 4''s The Inbetweeners, in her first radio role.

David Brown, Radio Times, 18th December 2010

It was, of course, excruciating, crude and uproariously funny - everything we've come to love from a brilliantly observed British comedy that will be bowing out on a high in three weeks' time. Free of his ridiculous obsession with Carli (Emily Head), Simon's overcome his unfortunate Statue of Liberty haircut and acquired actual human girlfriend Tara (Hannah Tointon); keeping her will be the real challenge.

Helpfully, the ever-loyal Will (Simon Bird) is willing to spend time with Tara's BBF - boring best friend) - if there's the prospect of some - hell, any action at the end of the day.

As The Inbetweeners has confirmed repeatedly and hilariously, the course of both true love and adolescent fumbling never runs smoothly.

Whether it was Will fainting during a gory horror film, Simon appalling Tara's parents after meeting them for the first time or Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison) encountering a teacher out of his natural habitat, E4's hit series finely captures the continual embarrassment of teenage life.

Not that this third episode ever neared serious territory as The Inbetweeners thankfully avoids the death and depression plots of Skins in favour of a top-notch sight gag involving a motorbike, a new running joke to rival the "Friend!" quip of the first series and revelling in the genuine chemistry between our four loveable leads.

Lewis Bazley, Metro, 28th September 2010

Emily Head: Nudity in Inbetweeners

Inbetweeners star Emily Head has revealed the boys will be getting naked in the new series of the show.

The Mirror, 11th March 2010

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