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Review: Martin Fishback, BBC

Tactless, middle-class dad Martin Fishback wants to become a crime-writer... This is a small modest pilot, which is apt, because Fishback is a small, modest man. In the most boring suburban clothes in Christendom. With the most boring suburban voice in Christendom too. And very funny.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 10th February 2022

Martin Fishback review

Fergus Craig stuck viral gold during lockdown with his alter-ego Martin, the worst kind of middle-class, self-important boomer, making shouty video calls to his student son. Now wise BBC executives have commissioned this 15-minute taster to bring this socially inept twerp to a wider audience.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 9th February 2022

Fergus Craig brings Martin Fishback character to BBC Two

BBC Two has ordered Martin Fishback, a pilot starring Fergus Craig as a tactless middle class dad who has ambitions to become a crime writer.

British Comedy Guide, 28th January 2022

We Are Not Alone alien comedy reveals top cast

Declan Baxter, Joe Thomas and Georgia May Foote will star in Dave's alien-based comedy We Are Not Alone. The cast list also features actors including Vicki Pepperdine, Mike Wozniak, Ellie White and Miles Jupp.

British Comedy Guide, 17th December 2021

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