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Filming locations for Fast Show across the North-East

The Fast Show was a little bit wooh and a little bit whey in the 1990s - a fast-paced BBC comedy sketch show, starring Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson, that was packed full of catchphrases and featured many scenes filmed in the North-East.

Chris Lloyd, The Northern Echo, 20th September 2020

The Fast Show Blooming Catchphrases review: brilliant!

So much more than a standard clips show, this wonderful trip down memory lane proved to be as emotional as it was amusing.

Michael Hogan, The Telegraph, 29th August 2020

The Fast Show: Bloomin' Catchphrases review

So much more than a bunch of one-liners.

Emily Baker, i Newspaper, 29th August 2020

The Fast Show could return as a live show

The stars of The Fast Show have revealed they have talked about a possible new live stage show, and potential new television formats together.

British Comedy Guide, 29th August 2020

The Fast Show characters on the Covid era

How are Swiss Toni, Ron Manager, Dave Angel, Ken and Kenneth, Brilliant, and a very drunk Rowley Birkin QC handling life in 2020? As The Fast Show returns for a special, its characters talk masks, pronouns and Meghan Markle.

Rich Pelley, Charlie Higson, Paul Whitehouse and Simon Day, The Guardian, 27th August 2020

Gold to broadcast second Fast Show special

Gold has ordered a second Fast Show reunion special before the first has even aired. Just A Load Of Blooming Catchphrases broadcasts on Saturday 29th August, with More Blooming Catchphrases following on 30th Sunday.

British Comedy Guide, 10th August 2020

The lockdown sketches continue with appearances from Tim Key, who provides a noirish spoken-word interlude on social distancing, Morgana Robinson's Cheryl Cole on snoozing self-care and the return of Charlie Higson's lascivious Swiss Toni. Plus Tez Ilyas has some absurdist tips on solo exercise.

Ammar Kalia, The Guardian, 15th June 2020

Comedians: Home Alone review

British comics have united to create this hit-and-miss homemade show, carried by the make-do-and-mend spirit.

Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian, 1st June 2020