Brian Blessed.

Brian Blessed

The Russell Howard Hour - Brian Blessed interview

From Series 4, Episode 9 of The Russell Howard Hour. Featuring: Russell Howard, Brian Blessed.

Brian Blessed, Joe Pasquale and Nish Kumar voice Beasts Of London

Featuring: Brian Blessed, Joe Pasquale, Nish Kumar, Angellica Bell.

Would I Lie To You? - Was Brian Blessed's canoe skippered by an orangutan?

From Series 10, Episode 5 of Would I Lie To You?. Featuring: Rob Brydon, Josh Widdicombe, Lee Mack, David Mitchell, Brian Blessed OBE, Professor Kate Williams, Kevin Bishop.

Would I Lie To You? - Kevin Bishop does an impression of Brian Blessed

From Series 10, Episode 5 of Would I Lie To You?. Featuring: Lee Mack, Brian Blessed OBE, Kevin Bishop.

Danger Mouse - Meet the characters

From Series 1 of Danger Mouse. Featuring: Alexander Armstrong (Danger Mouse), Kevin Eldon (Penfold), Dave Lamb (The Narrator), Stephen Fry (Colonel K), Shauna MacDonald (Professor Squawkencluck), Ed Gaughan (Baron Greenback), Richard Osman (Professor Strontium Jellyfishowitz), Rasmus Hardiker (Count Duckula), John Oliver (Dr Augustus P Crumhorn III), Brian Blessed (Santa), Richard Ayoade (The Snowman), Miranda Richardson (Queen of Weevils), Morwenna Banks (Pink Dawn), Kayvan Novak, Lena Headey (Jeopardy Mouse).