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Brendan Carroll's sister has died

The 64-year-old comedy star was alongside his sister Fiona - who has been dubbed Brendan's "second mammy" - when she passed away in Canada in March.

Female First, 5th April 2020

Viewers complain about Mrs. Brown replacing MOTD

With Gary Lineker and his team of BBC pundits out of a job for a few weeks, it was announced that Brendan O'Carroll's comedy show would be the thing to be shown in Match of the Day's 10.25pm time slot. One tweeter wrote: "Mrs Brown's Boys is worse than Covid-19. Have a heart."

Jacob Stolworthy, The Independent, 14th March 2020

Introducing someone to Mrs Brown's Boys

Find us a more faithful representation of Irish life.

Wayne Farry, JOE, 4th March 2020

Roy Chubby Brown 'deserves credit' for Mrs Brown's Boys

The Teesside comic's manager, Tony Jo, took to Facebook to make the claim about the BBC smash-hit. Mr Jo says the show is inspired by Chubby's act - and claimed the Grangetown-born entertainer's fans could "finish every gag".

Mike Brown, Teesside Gazette, 15th February 2020

Why we're coming round to Mrs Brown

Critics love to sniff and sneer at the mightily popular recorded "as live" sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys, but it is clever, it's funny - hilariously so.

Fiona Phillips, The Mirror, 7th February 2020

Roll over Fleabag, Mrs Brown got the priest first

Stewart Lee asks why do we view the experimentation of Mrs Brown's Boys as naive and the same techniques used by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in The Flea Bag (as he calls it) as genius?

Stewart Lee, The Observer, 2nd February 2020

Face it, Mrs Brown's Boys is funnier than smug Gervais

Our columnist has a sneaky confession to make after the public outcry over Mrs Brown's Boys' fifth National Television Award win over Fleabag and Ricky Gervais's Netflix comedy After Life.

Anila Baig, The Mirror, 30th January 2020

Mrs Brown's Boys creator to pilot peacekeeper comedy

Mrs Brown's Boys creator Brendan O'Carroll is working on a BBC One sitcom pilot called The Lebanese Outpost.

British Comedy Guide, 15th January 2020