Crackanory. Bob Mortimer. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions
Bob Mortimer

Bob Mortimer

  • 64 years old
  • English
  • Actor, writer and comedian

Video clips

Monkey Trousers - Outtakes

Some outtakes from the show in which Matt Berry keeps making Bob Mortimer laugh.

Monkey Trousers - The Croc Botherer

The Croc Botherer comes across a strange creature.

Monkey Trousers - The Geordie Space Centre

The Geordie's prepare to go in space... but there's a problem with one of the suits.

House Of Fools - Beef the Exorcist

Beef gets lost along the way during his diatribe against ghosts.

House Of Fools - Birthday Boy

Bob's hunt for a birthday present takes a depressing turn.

House Of Fools - Bob's powerful rage

After a rodent makes off with his toupee, Bob summons a powerful rage.

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