Crackanory. Bob Mortimer. Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions
Bob Mortimer

Bob Mortimer

  • 64 years old
  • English
  • Actor, writer and comedian

Video clips

Taskmaster - Bob Mortimer's Coconut Business Man

In this task Bob makes a coconut look like a business man...

Taskmaster - Outtake: Bob Mortimer's balls

Bob Mortimer and his nicely presented balls...

Taskmaster - Paint the best rainbow in the dark

Can the contestants paint a good rainbow with the lights off?

Taskmaster - Outtake: how Bob Mortimer fuels his car

Bob Mortimer discusses his diesel engine car, and the alternative fuel he uses to fill up with.

Taskmaster - Series 5 winner predictions

Now we've seen series 5 contestants, Bob Mortimer, Sally Phillips, Nish Kumar, Mark Watson and Aisling Bea, in action, we hear them make their predictions of who they think will win and lose the series.

Taskmaster - Get a basketball through the hoop without touching it

The contestants are tasked to get a basketball into a hoop without touching it with their hands or anything that can be reasonably construed as gloves.

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