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Bernie Clifton says: "I'm just mucking about."

Yesterday's blog was the first part of a chat with legendary English entertainer Bernie Clifton. It concludes here...

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 29th December 2023

Bernie Clifton - family entertainer and national treasure

Legendary comedy entertainer and British national treasure Bernie Clifton has just published his showbiz autobiography Crackerjack to Vegas.

John Fleming, John Fleming's Blog, 28th December 2023

Bernie Clifton to publish his autobiography

Veteran comedy entertainer Bernie Clifton is to publish his memoirs, Crackerjack to Vegas, this November.

British Comedy Guide, 20th November 2023

Freddie Davies organises Legends Of Variety tour

Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davies has organised a tour titled Legends Of Variety, featuring Anita Harris, Bernie Clifton and guest stars.

British Comedy Guide, 27th April 2023

Preview: Meet The Richardsons, Dave

No need to curb your enthusiasm here, there is plenty to be enthusiastic about.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 27th February 2020

Meet The Richardsons review

If you were looking for a British answer to Larry David, you could do worse than set-in-his-ways curmudgeon Jon Richardson.

Steve Bennett, Chortle, 27th February 2020

Meet The Richardsons review

Two married comedians do scripted reality. Sounds like a treat. Who better to send up the sort of bilge they broadcast on ITV Be than two nimble wits?

Lottie Young, Evening Standard, 27th February 2020

Bernie Clifton to retire Oswald The Ostrich

The legendary entertainer - who turns 82 on April 30 - has confirmed it is about time he put the yellow puppet out to roost after he appears in show Last Laugh In Vegas.

Female First, 17th April 2018

TV review: Last Laugh In Vegas, ITV1

Michael Caine used to say that in his world you don't retire, the phone just stops ringing. Well it never seems to stop ringing for old celebrities being offered shows these days.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th April 2018

Bernie Clifton interview

We spoke to Bernie Clifton about his first summer season in 20 years; appearing on The Voice; his beloved ostrich; and being an entertainer.

Georgy Jamieson, British Comedy Guide, 16th September 2017

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