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Trouble Up North

Slasher Jenkins escapes from Donny Prison and ends up gate crashing his brother-in-laws birthday party. Patch gets a 50th birthday he will never forget in a hurry!

Christmas Up North

Olivia Jenkins leaves home after going Carol singing at the Smiths house and everyone telling her "you don't live here". Also in this episode Colin Wood is upset after attending his friend's funeral plus Rosie and Mick treat their children to some wonderful presents on Christmas Day.

Halloween Up North

Mick and the gang are on the run from Jack and Jill, two Zombies who have escaped from Barnsley Zoo. Meanwhile Colin Wood gets himself a girlfriend.

Fishing Up North

Geoffrey is feeling down now his wife has gone for good and living in India. Mick and Skint Flint help take his mind off things with a spot of Fishing. Colin Wood checks out the new bar staff at the pub hoping The Angel Hotel will hire someone decent this time.

Up North

Two families are separated only by a fence ... The Smiths are poor, with head of the family Mick being unemployed. On the other side of the fence, well-to-do Bev Devi is trying hard to keep up appearances by throwing barbecues for her upper class friends, totally glossing over the fact that her marriage has long been in shambles.

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