Drifters. Jenny (Arabella Weir). Copyright: Zodiak Media Company.

Arabella Weir

Scotland's funniest 60 people

As the Glasgow International Comedy Festival prepares to launch with a gaggle of giggles later this month, we count down Scotland's funniest 60 people.

The Herald, 3rd March 2019

New neighbours join Two Doors Down Series 4 as regular characters

The BBC has confirmed that the characters Alan and Michelle - played by Graeme Stevely and Joy McAvoy - will appear as regulars in Series 4 of Two Doors Down. The sitcom is currently being filmed, for broadcast in early 2019.

British Comedy Guide, 6th October 2018

Two Doors Down Series 4 confirmed

BBC Two sitcom Two Doors Down is to return for a fourth series. Six more episodes are due to begin filming shortly.

British Comedy Guide, 19th September 2018

The Fast Show's greatest ever characters

These are the characters who were not only always hysterical but also without whom the show simply wouldn't have been the same...

Rob Keeling, Cult Box, 8th June 2018

Two Doors Down is fun with a strong cast

Two Doors Down (BBC Two) originally arrived on New Year's Eve 2013 as a one-hour, one-off comedy about a Hogmanay gathering gone wrong. It returned for a third series last night with an episode about another Scottish institution, Burns Night, complete with haggis, tatties and malt whisky, and proceeded to lacerate it for the next half hour.

Chris Harvey, The Telegraph, 29th January 2018

Two Doors Down: Doon Mackichan steals the show

Doon Mackichan steals the show in this Burns Night horror.

Sarah Hughes, i Newspaper, 29th January 2018

A timely return for the Scottish sitcom that mines wicked humour from its cosy cul-de-sac setting. Perpetually put-upon hostess Beth (Arabella Weir) is entertaining the neighbours again, this time for a Burns Night blowout. But while her hubby Eric (Alex Norton) anticipates some poetry and pomp, everyone else seems more interested in assessing the redecorated downstairs loo. With prickly social barbs, lewd observations and an excess of whisky, the bawdy Ploughman Poet himself would likely approve.

Graeme Virtue, The Guardian, 29th January 2018

Arabella Weir interview

How laughter, friends and blethers helped Arabella Weir in tough times.

Bill Gibb, The Sunday Post, 28th January 2018