Miss Holland comes to BBC Three

Tuesday 20th February 2018, 9:43am

  • BBC Three has signed up Miss Holland, the crude, rude, Dutch beauty queen character
  • Created by Eline Van Der Velden, the character is hell bent on becoming a British lady
  • The new series starts on BBC Three in mid-March
Miss Holland. Miss Holand (Eline Van der Velden)

BBC Three has signed up the character Miss Holland.

Created by Eline Van Der Velden, Miss Holland is a crude, rude, Dutch beauty queen who explores British culture with a camera following her adventures.

The character has already attracted millions of views online Dailymotion and YouTube, and won Best Online Comedy at the Lovie Awards, judged by Stephen Fry.

Talking about the new BBC Three series, the producers explain the objectives of Miss Holland: "With a clipboard full of questions, armpits full of hair, and a camera team following her every whim, she's hell bent on becoming a British lady, finding her very own ginger Prince Harry and exploring British culture."

"The world's most popular beauty queen (her own words) leaves a slew of unsuspecting contributors in her wake. Reality TV stars, former royal household staff and religious leaders are left bewildered by the idiocy of her questions as she attempts to navigate the intricacies of modern British life."

Van Der Velden, who holds a physics degree with a masters in nuclear fusion, has previously presented a BBC Three video on gender bias, which has been viewed more than 15 million times, and hosted the channel's science series Putting It Out There.

The star, who has written and directed the new Miss Holland episodes alongside Leslie Coutterand, says: "In the year after Brexit, who better to cast an eye over what it means to be British and ask those all important questions than the 'one of a kind' Miss Holland.

"Often it takes a child to ask the obvious questions, to shine a light on the path being taken and expose the truth. Sadly we don't have a child, but we do have Miss Holland and she's going to shine the light straight into your face!"

Miss Holland will be available on the BBC Three website and BBC Three's YouTube channel from mid-March. Below is the trailer.

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