Die Trying. Simon Feilder.

Die Trying

YouTube factual series following Simon Feilder. 23 episodes (2 series), 2016 - 2017. Features Simon Feilder.

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Series 1

1. Auld Lang Simon

First published: Thursday 11th February 2016

It looks like a strip club. Welcome to the world of comedy. It is 100% glamour.


2. Food For Nought

First published: Thursday 25th February 2016

Naked lady smurf museum surprise. Full-tilt comedy rocknroll action. Plus car dinner.


3. Franklin My Dear

First published: Thursday 10th March 2016

How not to act at a comedy show. The highs, lows, pizza and idiots of Being A Comedian herein. I love you.


4. The Road Worrier

First published: Thursday 24th March 2016

CELEBRITIES! AWARDS! HOLLYOAKS! BRUNCH! FARTS! Comedy is mostly driving and a little S Club 7. And Hollyoaks.


5. Lord Have Mersey

First published: Thursday 7th April 2016

What do comedians do in the day?


6. Reel Life

First published: Thursday 21st April 2016

Time for a breather. Seaside & cinema! (and driving natch)


7. Suit Of Amour

First published: Thursday 5th May 2016

Does it matter what I wear on stage? Let's get experi-mental.


8. Pic Of The Fringe (Snappy Snaps)

First published: Thursday 19th May 2016

Naked Crocodile Wrestling. Simon has his photos taken for his Edinburgh Fringe show.


9. Youth Gone Mild

First published: Thursday 2nd June 2016

So Many Gruesome Deaths (Knightmare Live).


10. Alone Striker

First published: Thursday 14th July 2016

Spencer FC destroys comedians.


11. High In Tent City

First published: Friday 29th July 2016

Simon heads to a Yurt in St Albans and then goes to Latitude Festival with Comedians Cinema Club.