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The Comedians' Choice Awards 2018

The Comedians' Choice Awards are the only Edinburgh Fringe prizes determined solely by performers. All comedy shows performing at the Fringe are invited to vote on who the three prizes should go to. Every person and show is eligible.

The awards are voted on by Comedy Performers for Comedy Performers. There is no panel of judges, no industry specialists - only the performers themselves decide whom amongst them is worthy of special recognition at the festival.

The voting system is completely open access and is checked against the records of registered shows with the Fringe Office and venues to ensure all votes are valid.

The Comedians' Choice Awards are intended to help highlight the amazing work of those at the Fringe who may well otherwise go unrecognised, as judged by those who understand their efforts the best: their peers.

Every show at the Edinburgh Fringe is eligible to both vote and be voted for: anyone with a comedy show is in with a chance of winning.

The awards are presented in three main categories:

  • Best Show - Simply, the best comedy show a performer has seen at the Fringe in the year of voting. It can be a solo or ensemble show of any type (sketch, clowning, improv, stand-up, etc).
  • Best Act - The best individual comedy act or comedy performer seen at the festival.
  • Best Person - The person the voter feels should get recognition for their contribution to this year's Fringe. This does not need to be a performer; it can be anyone associated with the comedy industry at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, from reviewers to producers and venue staff.

Voting for the 2023 award is open now

Originally created by Barry Ferns as The Barry Awards (UK), the awards are now presided over and administered by British Comedy Guide.

If you have any questions about the awards, contact British Comedy Guide.

About the trophies

John Ward

Since 2019, the trophies have been designed and built for the awards by inventor John Ward. A big thank you to him for all the time and effort he puts in to making these unique items.

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