Control panels for performers / industry

British Comedy Guide has developed free-to-use control panels to help performers and members of the industry who are working at the Edinburgh Festival.

Performers' control panel

This control panel is for acts/shows performing at the festival. You can manage your listing on BCG, find out news and opportunities, and more.

Tracker, for industry

If you are a promoter, agent, publicist or venue looking after more than 4 shows you can request access to our tracker tool, which will help you view and manage the press and reviews your shows are getting.

BCG's 2018 team

Mark Boosey
Aaron Brown
Si Hawkins
Stand-Up Editor
Ian Wolf
Ian Wolf
Data Specialist

Ian is the data guru powering BCG's collection of reviews and external articles. In 2015 he won Fringepig's Unsung Hero Award for his work collating thousands of these reviews, and he was amongst those who took part in Iraq Out & Loud, which won the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Award panel prize.

Additional contributors

  1. Alex Caven
  2. Dave Deverick
  3. Kate Emmett
  4. Davida Grimes
  5. Jack Kelly
  6. Mark Muldoon
  7. Sam Moulton
  8. Patrick Nicholls
  9. Daniel Page
  10. Jane Perrin
  11. Olivia Phipps
  12. Sean K Prower
  13. Joanne Rutherford
  14. Sarah Slack
  15. Matt Stiff
  16. Nicholas Thompson