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Bridget Christie: Who Am I?

Bridget Christie: Who Am I?. Bridget Christie
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Most tickets cost £20. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:


7: The Stand's New Town Theatre
Room: Grand Hall

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The Taskmaster favourite and star of The Change is hot, but not in a good way. The Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning comedian cannot ride the motorbike she bought to combat her mid-life crisis because of early osteoarthritis in her hips and RSI in her wrist; and wonders why there are so many films, made by men, about young women discovering their sexuality, but none about middle-aged women forgetting theirs. It's a menopause laugh-a-minute with a confused, furious, sweaty lady who is annoyed by everything. 'A mini-masterpiece' **** (Guardian). 'Razor-sharp, consistently hilarious' **** (Telegraph).

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Date Time Venue
2nd Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
3rd Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
4th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
5th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
6th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
7th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
8th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
9th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)
10th Aug 13:50 The Stand's New Town Theatre (Grand Hall)

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