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Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night
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3: Assembly George Square Gardens
Room: The Tree House

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Assembly Festival


The HandleBards are a cycling theatre company who pedal Shakespeare plays to outdoor venues all across the UK. Join them for a bicycle-powered, laugh-out-loud production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. And what's the play about? Well, Duke Orsino is in love with Lady Olivia, but she won't have anything to do with suitors. Viola is shipwrecked and believes her twin brother Sebastian to be dead. Meanwhile, a bunch of Olivia's servants plot to make a fool out of her pompous butler, Malvolio. There's drunkenness, frivolity and cross-dressing aplenty.

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Date Time Venue
19th Aug 14:00 Assembly George Square Gardens (The Tree House)
20th Aug 14:00 Assembly George Square Gardens (The Tree House)

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