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Maddie Campion: Mads Mads Mads

Maddie Campion: Mads Mads Mads. Maddie Campion
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Entry to this show is free (there may be a donations bucket at the end) and unticketed so arrive early to secure your seat.


603: Brewdog House Hotel
Room: Upstairs Bar

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PBH Free Fringe


A stand up show written by a gal who once accidentally drank sizzurp before doing an exam on the Vietnam War. Maddie Campion is a 'very inventive and dry writer' **** Funny Women, previously shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Award, 2Northdown Finalist, as seen/heard on Buzzfeed, Comedy Central Online, and BBC Three.

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2Northdown, 14th July 2022


Date Time Venue
16th Aug 14:10 Brewdog House Hotel (Upstairs Bar)
17th Aug 14:10 Brewdog House Hotel (Upstairs Bar)
18th Aug 14:10 Brewdog House Hotel (Upstairs Bar)
19th Aug 14:10 Brewdog House Hotel (Upstairs Bar)
20th Aug 14:10 Brewdog House Hotel (Upstairs Bar)

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