2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Lloyd Langford: DILF

  • Comedy (stand-up)
  • 6:05pm (60 mins)
  • 6-18 Aug 2022
  • Legends (Upstairs)
  • Free
Lloyd Langford: DILF. Lloyd Langford
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96: Legends
Room: Upstairs

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Arriving in Australia in February 2020 just before covid struck meant that Lloyd couldn't see his family for over two years. So, he decided to start a new one. In the past 12 months he's had to deal with an attack by the Daily Mail, wasps, Anne Edmonds, Australia's worst courier company and of course, the birth of his new child. Come and hear about his problems with all of these. A brand-new hour of stand-up comedy from the finest Welsh comedian currently working in Australia. As seen on Celebrity Mastermind, QI, Melbourne Comedy Festival Gala

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Date Time Venue
6th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
7th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
8th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
9th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
10th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
11th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
12th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
13th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
14th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
15th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
16th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
17th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)
18th Aug 2022 18:05 Legends (Upstairs)

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