2022 Edinburgh Fringe

Ben Moor and Joanna Neary: BookTalkBookTalkBook

  • Comedy (absurdist / theatre)
  • 2:45pm (50 mins)
  • 26 & 27 Aug 2022
  • Pleasance Courtyard (The Green)
  • £9.50
Ben Moor and Joanna Neary: BookTalkBookTalkBook. Image shows from L to R: Ben Moor, Joanna Neary
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33: Pleasance Courtyard
Room: The Green

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Novelists Jenny Nibbingley and Burton Mastrick need no introduction. Today's event promises to be an enlightening discussion of novels like Why Reigate? and Hatred of Broccoli. Tim Timminey will moderate. Book signing afterwards. That's the plan. But when do things go to plan? BookTalkBookTalkBook is an absurdist parody of awkward live author-talks and an exploration of artificial intelligence and the creative process. With jokes. Funny, wise, imaginative and original; this is a show you can't put down. Starring Joanna Neary, 'Superbly Funny' (Guardian), and Ben Moor, 'Brilliant' (Idler). Two performances only!

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Date Time Venue
26th Aug 2022 14:45 Pleasance Courtyard (The Green)
27th Aug 2022 14:45 Pleasance Courtyard (The Green)

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