Venue 429: Planet Bar

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  • Sketch show
  • Free
  • 3-4, 6-11 & 13-17 Aug 2019

Can one woman single-handedly smash the hetero-patriarchy? Well, maybe with a little help from the audience. A queer, feminist and...   Full listing

Morning Glory.

Morning Glory

  • Free
  • 12-16 Aug 2019

David is a man of a certain age in an uncertain age. Fifty-something, feisty and fearless, he tells a tale...   Full listing

Reba Martell: Salt'n'Sauce!. Reba Martell.

Reba Martell: Salt'n'Sauce!

  • Cabaret
  • PWYW
  • 2-4, 6-11, 13-18 & 20-25 Aug 2019

She'll batter your haggis and tickle your pickle! Scotland's best drag queen serves up some deep-fried fierceness in this riotous...   Full listing