Talk a Big Game

  • Stand-up / Satire
  • 4:15pm (1 hour)
  • 1-25 Aug 2019
  • The Place (The Baird)
  • Free
Talk a Big Game. James Nokise.

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Stand-up show / satire starring James Nokise performed on the following days in August 2019...

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Venue details

532: The Place
Room: The Baird

The Place


This show is free to watch (there may be a donations bucket at the end). There are no tickets, so for popular shows you should arrive early to ensure entry.

After shows on gangs, golliwogs, racism and politics, James Nokise returns with last year's hit show on... sports! Yep. Sports. Between Brexit and Trump, the world's got too crazy so come enjoy an hour of world cups, world champions but no world events. If David Cameron can quit politics, then so can James. Or can he? Sports knowledge not required. May contain traces of politics. 'Nokise is a joy to have on stage' (Scotsman).

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