Venue 532: The Place

Free Festival.

Shows at this venue

Jumping Off the Bandwagon. Image shows from L to R: Annie Sheppard, Victoria Olsina.

Jumping Off the Bandwagon

  • Stand-up / music
  • Free
  • 20-25 Aug 2019

There's no such thing as a free lunch but there is a free quality comedy show at lunchtime!
WhatsApp & Instagram...   Full listing

Sets in the City - Free.

Sets in the City - Free

  • Stand-up
  • Free
  • 11-18 Aug 2019

Hey, you! Don't watch that! Watch this! Another stand-up show from some comedians you don't know! Featuring an amalgam of...   Full listing

Jumping the Barriers. Chris Daley.

Jumping the Barriers

  • Play
  • Free
  • 19-25 Aug 2019

We tell the story of a chance meeting on a train between a wealthy young graduate and a homeless northerner,...   Full listing

Talk a Big Game. James Nokise.

Talk a Big Game

  • Stand-up / satire
  • Free
  • 1-25 Aug 2019

After shows on gangs, golliwogs, racism and politics, James Nokise returns with last year's hit show on... sports! Yep. Sports....   Full listing

The Joy of Jokes.

The Joy of Jokes

  • Stand-up / storytelling
  • Free
  • 1-12, 14-19 & 21-25 Aug 2019

Truthful stand-up, funny stories, good jokes and a few ad-libs. Jewish comedian Ivor Dembina (**** (Guardian)) presents a glorious mixture...   Full listing

Girl Bully.

Girl Bully

  • Play
  • Free
  • 1-10 Aug 2019

Mary Squared explore the meaning of the word 'bitch' in an evening of comedic theatre. With appearances from our childhood...   Full listing

What Are You Wearing?.

What Are You Wearing?

  • Play
  • Free
  • 19-25 Aug 2019

Our show tells the story of two women. Rose has just come out of a long-term on/off relationship and has...   Full listing