Just These Please.

Just These Please on being 'suitable'

We chat to sketch group Just These Please about how they've aimed to make a show suitable for everyone.

How did you guys go about planning/ writing the show?

We'd like to say we went on a delightful writers retreat to a charming sleepy village in the Cotswolds and exchanged stories over an aged merlot whilst warming our cockles by the fire. The truth is, that before our cockles were vaguely lukewarm, we were already jotting down ideas during last year's Fringe, scribbling half formed premises on napkins or each other's faces. These scribblings eventually get word-processed and we sit on each other's kitchen floors surrounded by coffee and cigarettes having physical fights over the use of the word 'nipple'.

Note: none of us are smokers and we actually really like working together but most of the writing process is us sort of sitting around and thinking of ideas which is more honest but slightly less exciting to imagine. Unless you imagine us naked which, indeed, we usually are.

What can we expect from this year's show?

Suitable is a mix of character comedy, observational humour and some polite rapping. We've got 27 sketches and songs in the show and each one is separated by pumping tunes and slick transitions making for 55 minutes of fast paced hilarity.

Just These Please.

What is the inspiration behind Suitable?

Ultimately, we want to make you laugh. We try really hard to create a show that's inclusive and 'suitable' for everyone. A necessary dose of rudeness makes the show 14+ but you could bring your nan, your postman and Susan from accounts and they'd all have a great time. Comedian Lucy Porter described our last show as 'an hour of joy' and that sort of became our mission statement. We really love doing what we do and it's really important to us that the audience enjoy themselves just as much as us.

So, may we present our 55 minute laugh-a-thon where you can forget about all the other crud going on in your life. Lost your phone last night? Don't worry about it! Wife divorcing you? Don't worry about it! Preoccupied by the Climate Crisis? Us too, that's terrifying.

27 sketches in 55 minutes must be exhausting, what do you do to recover after the show?

Mostly it's washing suits. They get incredibly sweaty after all the singing, morris dancing and pretending to be internal organs. As our show is at 12.15pm we tend to recover by basking in the healing glow of other people's shows. This year we'll be heading to the relaxation spas that are Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em, Bad Clowns, Connie Wookey and Roann McCloskey to name but a few. We also do some weird stretching but only when there are other actors around so we seem more legit.

Are you ever worried you forget the words?

Definitely not. We have definitely never got them wrong or made up the name 'Jamanda' on stage and we always, always remember to turn on our mic packs so there's no chance of an awkwardly one side-amplified conversation on stage.