Gusset Grippers

Gusset Grippers.

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Stand-up show starring Elaine Miller that was performed at Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre at 4:45pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2018.


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Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre (Venue 76)


As a guide, tickets cost between £9 and £10, depending on the day. To book visit the official Fringe website or contact the venue:

Physiotherapist, mother and recovered incontinent shares the wonders of the pelvic floor - so, come and laugh, not leak. Everyone wants control of their own body (and the bonus side effect of improved orgasms...). A shocking 1:3 women wet themselves, but, yay #physioworks! Learn what a pelvic floor is, what it does and what to try if yours is a bit broken. Evidence based: CPD certificates for healthcare professionals. Prizes and freebies for all. 'See this show, your knickers will thank you' ( 'Constant laughs' (Scotsman). 'Startling and humorous insights' (Sydney Herald). 'Howls of laughter' (Guardian). 2018 Recommended

60 minutes giving women clinical advice on how best to care for their vaginal and pelvic floor health. Yes really. But there's also good jokes, and you'll almost certainly learn something.

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