Rahul Kohli: Newcastle Brown Tales

  • Stand-up / Storytelling
  • 1pm (1 hour)
  • 4-13 & 15-27 Aug 2017
  • Cabaret Voltaire
  • Free
Rahul Kohli: Newcastle Brown Tales. Rahul Kohli.

Show details

Stand-up / Storytelling starring Rahul Kohli that was performed at Cabaret Voltaire at 1pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2017.


After his critically acclaimed debut hour, [Rahul Kohli] returns with an hour unlike anything else: an hour of true stories from his drunken adventures. From the wacky to the hilarious to the downright unbelievable, come and hear about how he was pissed on by a tiger, nearly killed by a fire breathing dragon, and how he accidentally joined a Romani Gypsy drug smuggling ring. Pick of the Fringe 2016 (BBC Radio 4, HuffingtonPost.co.uk, Skinny). 'Dripping with erudite genius' (Fest). 'A clear talent for telling a story' (Bruce Dessau, BeyondTheJoke.co.uk). NATYS 2017 winner.

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