Stephen Bailey. Copyright: Steve Ullathorne.

Man proposes during comedy show

A man proposed to his partner during Stephen Bailey's Edinburgh Fringe comedy show.

Bailey, who has been performing Stephen Bailey: Nation's Sweetheart at Just The Tonic at The Caves, explains: "Last year I did a show and this lovely couple came along. They'd been together for a while and I teased the boy for not having proposed. Yesterday, I got a Facebook message from the same boy asking if he could propose at this year's show..."

Stephen Bailey: Nation's Sweetheart is about the art of conversation and how social media has affected our ability to chat. Bailey says: "After slagging social media, at the end I always say how it is a useful tool, we just rely on it too much. We should use it as a way to store memories and keep in touch with people we can't see all year round." However, at yesterday's show, he then added a bit: "... That's like with Oliver and Jess. We met at my show last year and we've kept in touch over Twitter and, if I'm not mistaken, Oliver, I had a go at you for not proposing to your lovely girlfriend - anything you'd like to add...?'"

As the video below shows, Oliver then came on stage and asked Jessica to marry him. Getting down on one knee, he said: "There's been lots of ups and downs over the past couple of years. There is no one I'd rather have shared them with." Adding, "I love you" as he revealed the ring.

It was an emotional moment, with Jessica crying many tears of happiness. Bailey tells BCG: "It was so cute!"