Amused Moose finalists 2016. Copyright: Amused Moose.

Amused Moose Comedy Award: Top Ten 2016

Amused Moose Comedy have announced the 10 Edinburgh Fringe shows that will take part in its final this Sunday.

The Amused Moose Comedy Award searches for "the best comedy shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from talent on the cusp of fame." The competition is open to all Fringe comedy shows that are performing at the festival for at least 18 dates, which have not previously won a major comedy award.

This year's 10 shows are:

Eric Lampaert: Alien of Extraordinary Ability. Eric Lampaert.Eric Lampaert: Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Flo & Joan: Victory Flaps.Flo & Joan: Victory

James Loveridge: Castles in the Sand. James Loveridge.James Loveridge: Castles in the Sand

John Robertson: Arena Spectacular!. John Robertson.John Robertson: Arena Spectacular!

Larry Dean: Farcissist. Larry Dean.Larry Dean: Farcissist

Laura Lexx: Tyrannosaurus Lexx. Laura Lexx.Laura Lexx: Tyrannosaurus Lexx

Neal Portenza. Neal Portenza. Neal Portenza. Tracey.. Josh Ladgrove.Neal Portenza. Neal Portenza. Neal Portenza. Tracey.

Pippa Evans: Same Same but Different. Pippa Evans.Pippa Evans: Same Same but Different

Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi?.Sleeping Trees: Sci-Fi?

Tom Ballard - The World Keeps Happening. Tom Ballard.Tom Ballard - The World Keeps Happening

The comedians will perform an extract from their show at the final, which is due to take place at The Space @ Symposium Hall from 1:10pm on 21st August. Tickets