Dame Nature - The Magnificent Bearded Lady

Dame Nature - The Magnificent Bearded Lady.

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Moisturise. Oil. Comb. Repeat. Dame Nature is a bearded lady who has been looking after her facial furniture for as long as she can remember. Once the star of the show, now she spends her days in the depths of her dressing room contemplating the fading roar of the crowd, lost love and the merits of Phil Collins' solo work. A poignant, off-kilter show for people who don't like to judge a woman by her beard. Supported by Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

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  •   Elaine Denny
    Came with a group of friends and we thoroughly enjoyed this show. Dame Nature is a tragic comic figure and like her Victorian predecessors, living a restrictive life under the control of her husband and, like them, learning about life through reading women's magazines. She longs to break free, be judged on more than her looks, and seizes a rare opportunity when she is alone with her audience to try out something else - card tricks, jokes, impressions, all of which fall flat. It seems that the reviewer missed the Phil Collins references but there were plenty of them, e.g. One More Night and When Destiny Calls. We would definitely have given this a 4* rating.