No Exit?

No Exit?.

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Theatre starring Melissa Woodside, Sean Higgs, Michelle Van Rensburg and Magnus Sinding performed on the following days in August 2015...

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Presented by M+E Theatre. With sell-out Fringe productions including The American, the Coloured and Me: 'It is thought provoking and makes the audience feel uncomfortable, something that is both rare and affecting' (ThreeWeeks). Mary and the Stripper: '...a sharply told tale with a positive message' ( Storm in a Teacup: 'Chilling' (Miles Keaton). M+E's version No Exit? places Sartre's characters, who think they are in hell, at heaven's gates... Directed by Michelle van Rensburg, with Melissa Woodside, winner of the Royal Reed Award, as Inez and Sean Higgs as Garcin.

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Starring Michelle Van Rensburg, Magnus Sinding (voted actor of this week by ActingHour), Sean Higgs (worked Clint Eastwood, Patrick Swayze to name a few), and Melissa Jean Woodside (winner of the Royal Reel Award 2015).


Person Role
Melissa Woodside Self
Sean Higgs Self
Michelle Van Rensburg Self
Magnus Sinding Self