2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Stewart Lee's Fringe recommendations

Sometimes people ask us "I like Stewart Lee... so who else should I check out?" Luckily, the man himself has come up with his own Edinburgh Fringe suggestions.

Writing in his newsletter, the comedian says: "With over 3000 shows every day, all listed in a fringe brochure with the worst cover in living memory, knowing what to see can be a nightmare. Here's my tips to see of things or people I liked that I have already seen, not things I haven't yet seen, as I don't know what they will be like. This is not predictions, this is memories, safe bets, must-sees."

So here are his comedy picks, with his short comments about each act too. Click on the comedian's name for their listing:

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. Stewart Lee. Copyright: BBC

Andrew Doyle - waspish depressive flanneur.

Bridget Christie - garlanded feminist harridan.

David O'Doherty - low energy music whimsy.

Diane Chorley - kitchen-sink Indie drag act.

Eleanor Tiernan - ambiently acerbic.

Glenn Wool - road-worn woodsman philosopher.

Holly Burn - a proper mad comedian.

Janey Godley - Glasgow legend.

Jerry Sadowitz - Glasgow legend.

Jo Caulfield - A guaranteed good time.

Lewis Schaffer - Genius jew.

Paul Currie - Explosive Irish idiot.

Paul Sinha - superb Hindu quiz-lord returns to stand-up.

Phil Kay - Free-form fool.

Shazia Mirza - acidic Muslim miserablist.

Simon Munnery - The Simon Munnery of his generation.

Stephen Carlin - oak-aged Scottish s-up.

He concludes: "The two things I am most looking forward to are The Ex [a "life-changing Dutch jazz-punk"] and Paul Sinha. I think the Perrier will be won by someone of no gender."

'Stewart Lee: A Room With a Stew' is at The Assembly Rooms at 2:15pm on 8-16, 18-30 August. Listing

Published: Sunday 19th July 2015

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