2015 Edinburgh Fringe

Elf Lyons: Being Barbarella

  • Comedy (stand-up / storytelling)
  • 7:50pm (55 mins)
  • 8-23 & 25-30 Aug 2015
  • The Voodoo Rooms
  • Free
Elf Lyons: Being Barbarella. Elf Lyons. Copyright: BBC
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68: The Voodoo Rooms

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Meet the most dyspraxic five-star astronavigatrix and enthusiastic sexy comedian of the future. Inspired by the film Barbarella, join Elf, the Feminist Times' One to Watch, on her fast-paced exploration through the world of sexuality - from dressage horses, sci-fi superheroes and the secret life of sharks. 'Elf demonstrates what it means to be the voice of a generation... Engaging, spritely, totally endearing, and wonderfully funny' ***** (DirtAndCandy.com, Adelaide Fringe, Australia 2015). 'Being Barbarella is one of the strongest stand-up shows I've seen' **** (TheNewCurrent.co.uk, Vault Festival, London 2015).

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Inspired by the film Barbarella and its cult heroine, Elf Lyons invites you to join her on a sexual odyssey through sci-fi superheroes to sassy sharks in this joyful celebration of erotica and all things niche.
Elf Lyons wants to be sexy and has found her idol in 60s siren Barbarella. Combining sexual empowerment with superhero nerdiness, Elf takes her audience on a journey through 60s sexual liberation to present day digitisation of intimacy. Along the way, experience erotic fan fiction about the leaders of the British main political parties, an awkward attempt at the famous striptease from the film Barbarella and the immoral act of body-shaming sharks. Storytelling, performance art and comedy is combined in a show that takes a funny and uplifting attitude to celebrating sex and empowered women everywhere.

Elf Lyons

Elf Lyons is a stand-up comedian, performance artist and theatre director and writer. Elf aims to create stand-up comedy that pushes the barriers of the relationship between comedian and audience to create intimate, immersive and surreal theatrical encounters. In July 2013 Elf debuted her 40 minute show Elf Lyons is a Pervert as part of the Camden Fringe at the Etcetera Theatre and in September, she was awarded runner-up in the Funny Women Final at Leicester Square Theatre.

In August 2014, Elf premiered her hour-long solo show Underground Success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as part of the PBH Free Fringe. The show was showcased for one final time at Leicester Square Theatre on the 17th & 18th October. Earlier this year Being Barbarella was selected by IdeasTap to be performed at the VAULT Festival. Elf then took the show to the Adelaide Fringe, where it received rave reviews and the run had to be extended to meet demand.

Elf organises The Secret Comedians Comedy Night at Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch. She also writes about fashion for the blog Pippa Says and comics for Big Comic Page.


Date Time Venue
8th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
9th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
10th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
11th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
12th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
13th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
14th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
15th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
16th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
17th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
18th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
19th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
20th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
21st Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
22nd Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
23rd Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
25th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
26th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
27th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
28th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
29th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms
30th Aug 2015 19:50 The Voodoo Rooms

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