Wil Hodgson: Kidnapped By Catwoman

Wil Hodgson: Kidnapped By Catwoman. Wil Hodgson. Copyright: BBC.

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Stand-up starring Wil Hodgson that was performed at The Stand Comedy Club III, IV at 5:50pm for 1 hour, on the following days in August 2012.


From Catwoman to Samantha Fox Strip Poker via Frenchie's slumber party and Hattie Jacques Bed Bath, the crushes, fantasies and desires of a geeky 80s/90s childhood explored in a confessional new show by Chippenham's cult storyteller. As heard on Radio 4 and seen on Russell Howard's Good News. 'He is an inspired storyteller and his words are full of fire and beauty ... He's a sort of urban warrior on behalf of all those who don't fit in' (Scotsman). 'This is punk rock, this is how it should be' (Mark Thomas).


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