The The Good, the Bad and the Extraterrestrials

  • Play
  • 2:45pm (45 mins)
  • 2-26 Aug 2012
  • Espionage
  • Free
The The Good, the Bad and the Extraterrestrials.

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A damsel in distress. A rookie gunslinger. Six of the meanest badasses the Wild West has ever seen. And some aliens... Without you, our heroes don't stand a chance! From the people who brought you The Dead! **** (Scotsman), nominated for Best Free Show 2011. What the critics said about The Dead! 'Laugh-out-loud ... Extremely funny ... Anarchic humour ... Hilarious one-liners ... Executed with great panache' (Scotsman). The Good, the Bad and the Extraterrestrials, the only interactive sci-fi/western comedy you need see! Check out our Wanted posters for this year's Critters Are Here competition!

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Visitor reviews

  •   Rosie Moore
    I can't remember when I last laughed as much as I did during this performance. The witty jokes, audience interaction and commitment from the young actors made it a thoroughly unforgettable experience. They beautifully grasped the key factors of the genres they were parodying, clearly tickling the vast audiences funny bones! If I could, I'd definitely see it again.