2012 Edinburgh Fringe

Watch 'Spank!' gigs online


Spank!, the late night gig at the Underbelly venue (Cowgate), is always good for a laugh. It's a mix of sketch, character, musical and stand-up comedy acts, blended together with a hint of controlled anarchy.

This year the organisers have decided to film some of the gigs and then interview the acts after too. The videos offer a little slice of late-night Fringe fun for those who can't be in Edinburgh or for those not allowed to stay up late.

We've picked out a couple of the videos here. For more see the Dead Parrot YouTube channel

Carl Hutchinson takes on the drunk hecklers:

Political comedian Sir Ian Bowler (aka Nat Tapley):

Charlie O'Connor talks about being confused for a lady:

Billy The Mime actually talks:

An interview with Bob & Jim, and a peak at their cunning way of getting some free beer:

Published: Wednesday 22nd August 2012

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