The Uninvisibles - The Show You Can't Not See

The Uninvisibles - The Show You Can't Not See. Copyright: BBC.

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Sketch show starring Gary Skipper, Phil Tipper, Hayley Ellis, Kathy Eastham, Peter Salter, Graham Lee and Christopher Stanners performed on the following days in August 2010...

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Quickfire comedy concerto exposing the unexpected undersides of characters we meet every day. This year, if you watch only one northern/universal, gritty/surreal sketch show, make it 'The Uninvisibles'. Literal must-see comedy. Meet the sadistically obtuse car mechanic, warring flatmates Anne and Sue, the ASBO hardnut who can't cut the apron strings, and join Jeremiah on his quest for a replacement testicle ... The Uninvisibles are an octet of northern writer/performers, who coalesced through a mutual love of broken comedy and a mutual grumpiness about most other things.

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Person Role
Gary Skipper Self
Phil Tipper Self
Christopher Stanners Self
Hayley Ellis Self
Kathy Eastham Self
Peter Salter Self
Graham Lee Self