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The Couch

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139: Cabaret Voltaire

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Join us on 'The Couch' for an hour's session of theatrical therapy. From Schadenfreude to Freudian shambles; banter meets improvised theatre. Your relationship issues tackled vicariously in scene and song. With five years of flexing her improvisation muscle and over a decade of emotional trauma, Gibson is ready to take on your darkest difficulties with a light-hearted approach. Freshy freed from four years of American marriage and with only his cynicism and Yankee-style improv to show for it, Marshall will be lowering the tone. If there is a line to be crossed, he is your crosser.

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We've all been there right? You've had those awkward moments, when you secretly fancied your girlfriends sister instead. When you broke up with someone on Facebook! When you read your partners diary without them knowing and found out about all of their secrets and you're thinking "I need help! I need my relationship questions answered!"

Relax - The Couch Impro takes your real life queries, questions and problems and acts out improvised scenes and games based upon them.

Somewhere along the way we may even offer a solution to your problem!

Couch Impro started out as a two-person show but has now grown into a slick eight-person impro comedy show, playing for one week at the Edinburgh Fringe 2010.

Director Geoff Marshall spent four years in America learning his impro-craft as well as having a few relationship life-lessons himself (e.g. an ex-wife) from which he came up with the idea of the show.

Upon returning to England at the beginning of this year, he set about forming a group to take to Edinburgh and beyond.

The Couch Impro is part of the multi award-winning PBH Free Fringe; an organisation that allows talented writers and performers without access to huge budgets to take part in one of the biggest and best Arts festivals in the world.


Date Time Venue
22nd Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire
23rd Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire
24th Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire
25th Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire
26th Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire
27th Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire
28th Aug 2010 19:45 Cabaret Voltaire

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