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List of companies to send scripts to Page 13



  • Sunday 9th May 2010, 9:37pm
  • Northampton, England
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When do people reckon that the new Writers Section, and therefore the list of production company details (here - will be updated on BCG?

When that list of companies is updated it'll be a godsend.


Roy Gould

  • Wednesday 28th July 2010, 11:58am
  • Norwich, England
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Hi, I am a very experienced BBC trained Comedy Producer/Director. I run a Online
One to one email mail/skype comedy script mentoring course. My aim is to help writers get there script and pitch in the best possible shape for them to send into the Indies & Broadcasters. Email me. See my profile and look me up on IMDB Roy Gould

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Wednesday 28th February 2018, 4:10pm
  • Surreyish., England
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I see that there are several threads about Production Companies and I haven't got time to read through them all.

Does anyone know any good Radio Comedy Production Companies?