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  • Sunday 14th April 2019, 7:05pm [Edited]
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There's not much comedy in an original James Bond novel: that's probably because, on paper, James Bond didn't need to be funny in order to keep readers turning the pages.

Films are different from books, however, and Bond producers at some point decided that the occasional smart-arse remark might liven up what was an otherwise pretty dull script.

To my mind, a dull script with jokes is still essentially a dull script (except perhaps for the jokes, obviously) but it seems the forthcoming 25th Bond film might, like a number of the previous ones, be lacking something in the script department and so, in order to keep moviegoers chuckling while simultaneously being bored out of their skulls between expensive stunts, the producers have enlisted the services of Phoebe Waller-Bridge to add a little sparkle to the script.

What I'm praying for is that, for the first time in his almost-60-year film career, 007 will (with a little help from Phoebe) find himself in a bedroom with a woman at the wrong time of the month.

Now, wouldn't that be liberating?