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  • Sunday 2nd July 2017, 6:16pm
  • Oxford, England
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Quote: playfull @ 2nd July 2017, 2:32 PM

I would like to take this opportunity to ask yourself or any other readers of this increasingly unusually titled and oddly numbered competition thread to have a go. Or if you are not yet ready to jump in and post an entry then start by having a vote. You don't have to post an entry to vote. every new post or vote will add a bit of life to the thread - God knows the forum needs it!

And once again thanks to Michael for 'show running' it.

I meant to say that myserlf, and got distracted bya big live music, comedy and (let's be honest) booze event down the road. Oxford is great sometimes. But, yes, everything Playfull says I concur with.



  • Tuesday 4th July 2017, 12:41am
  • Tipperary, Ireland
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I seem to have a lot less time to write stuff to deadlines these days. I had an idea about a bees buzz being extracted from the bee and being used on appliances like door bells, dimmer switches and defunct laptops but I hadn't it finished on time.



  • Monday 10th July 2017, 1:44pm
  • England
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Hear hear for the thanks being paid to Michael for organising all this. Even though it hasn't necessarily had the effect on my overall work ethic I was hoping for, it's always a lot of fun. :)

Quote: gappy @ 2nd July 2017, 11:27 AM

Perhaps Crindy and I should edit each other's scripts, then we'd be unstoppable. :D

Ha. :D Inevitable world domination aside, I'd be happy to read and give notes on something of yours (or anyone else's for that matter). Although bearing in mind my previously cited spectacular laziness when it comes to working on my own stuff, god knows what sort of waiting time there'd be for me doing any work on someone else's script.