Man Down - Series 2

I was so thrilled to see Greg Davies on Graham Norton with a clip of the 2nd series of Man Down. Rik will be missed greatly and Stephanie Cole will be an interesting addition to the cast as Greg's Aunt. Greg is going to be busy with Cuckoo coming back for a 3rd series. I knew Greg was very tall but he made Miranda Hart look small.

Yes, it was funny when along with Rupert Everett, Norton stood up with all of them - like a little leprechaun so he was.

Not bad... gone a bit far perhaps.

Absolutely f**king hilarious. Loved every minute of it - laughed almost from start to end.

Apples 50p a pound, is now the funniest ever comedy line but, only if you saw it. 'Twist that bag'!!! Superb.

I don't know how the gym man wibbled Greg's belly and said the line 'it's all gone all bad' with a straight face. Very funny.

Did anyone like or care about last week's episode? I am surprised to see no comments this past week. It was less over the top than the first one and only funny in parts. I can see myself missing Rik a lot more by the end of the series. Roll on tonight 10pm. Man Down fans, I know you're out there.

I keep on watching it, and I still don't like it. It just doesn't click with me at all.

Towards the end of the latest episode, a pupil (or someone else, I already forgot) spills a beverage on Davies' trousers, but moments later, when the fight erupts, his trousers are dry and clean again.

Noticing that gaffe made me laugh more than anything that was supposed to be funny in this show.

I like Man Down, but of all the comedies airing their finales tonight I thought this was the weakest. That said, the pie scene made me laugh, as did the owl.

The Wonderstuff!

Marina Cornwall the bodybuilder!

Ahh. Was the woman who kept being mistaken for her mum famous too?
Or was she maybe her real actual mum? :O

I thought this series was great but it just continued to remind me that my idol, my hero, Rik Mayall, is gone. So this was rather bitter-sweet to watch.

I really liked it, thought is was funny as hell and Stephanie Cole was crazy as toast but I still miss Rik. The episode that Dan watches Dennis was insane and the return of bigassman was really funny. Jo's wedding had to be the funniest episode. All in all I enjoyed all 6 episodes.