What wouldn't you admit to liking?


tiger rick

  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 3:56pm [Edited]
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Has this been done? Apologies if so.

Are there any sitcoms you wouldn't admit that you like? Mine would probably be Birds Of A Feather. Pretty much every one I've ever heard talk about this show thinks you must only like it if you have a vagina and are missing a few dozen brain cells. I'd hate to admit that I love it and have the DVDs!



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 4:11pm [Edited]
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Why be ashamed about finding something funny? I'm out about all my guilty pleasures. :)



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 4:37pm [Edited]
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Doreen? I watched most of it, only probably because there was nothing else to watch at the time and they had some good jokes in..

I'm more ashamed to admit I like Everybody Loves Raymond... oh well secret out


Matthew Stott

  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 4:43pm [Edited]
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Quote: cjdelphi @ April 18 2012, 4:37 PM BST

I'm more ashamed to admit I like Everybody Loves Raymond... oh well secret out

That's a great, mainstream show.



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 5:03pm [Edited]
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Yeh it's really pleasant and enjoyable.

Which takes a surprising amount of effort.

Plus the bit in Funny People where Eminem gives Ray shit is fantastic.



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 5:43pm [Edited]
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Technically this thread should be empty, or should only include things you really don't like.

AvatarBCG Supporter


  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 6:12pm
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I don't quite understand the wording either. If you mean like a guilty pleasure then maybe something like My Family but if you mean something you wouldn't admit liking then Friends.



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 10:14pm
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Quote: cjdelphi @ April 18 2012, 4:37 PM BST

everyone loves raymond

I haven't seen much of it but if I was forced to watch one mainstream middle America sitcom, it would be this one. Well Everybody Loves Raymond.



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 10:22pm
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I read this as "What wouldn't you admit to killing?", which would be a much more interesting thread.



  • Wednesday 18th April 2012, 10:38pm
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Please, Nog. Enlighten us.



  • Thursday 19th April 2012, 11:11pm
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We have had a couple of threads along these 'ashamed' lines, and as Badge says, technically the thread should be empty if we're being asked to admit what we wouldn't like to admit to liking...

But umm, yeah, what Shandonbelle said. Sometimes I reluctantly enjoy shows, but there's nothing I won't admit to liking some or all of. Even Jim Davidson.


David Carmon

  • Thursday 19th April 2012, 11:50pm
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People take the piss because I like old TV shows, so I keep my mouth shut now. So anything before 2005, take your pick, I'm ashamed.



  • Sunday 14th October 2012, 8:44am [Edited]
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I have no problems admitting that I like(d) Birds of a Feather, May to December, Cosby Show, Are You Being Served? (or any other shows by Lloyd/Croft for that matter). Some people seem to frown upon these shows. Huh



  • Sunday 14th October 2012, 10:46am
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Not strictly a comedy but I don't admit to many people that I like Doc Martin. Tend to get odd looks. Seems it's not something 25 year olds are meant to like.



  • Tuesday 16th October 2012, 7:57pm
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I'll admit to liking anything I like. I was once called a mental for watching Sykes when my brother in law came round. So I always dig out an episode now when he visits just to annoy him.