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I heard it on the radio the other day at work

And I thought, hmm - that's not absolute total shite

Very very very rare for me with any current music

Yeah, I stopped following music after my exes the Spice Girls. It was partly cos I was getting old, partly because I was living outside the UK pre-Internet, and party cos all new music is total and utter f**king shit. The last new album I got was McCartney III, but apparentkly he's been going for a while...?

Dream Weaver by Gary Wright on Sounds of the Seventies. A real classic, If you don't know it check it out.


School's Out.

When three decades before her birth, Greta Thunberg wrote this smash hit, why didn't Alice Cooper or anyone else tell us so that we could know she was so advanced?

Was it because we were just voters?

Getting ready to head out to see IDLES in San Antonio. Should be a fun night.

Quote: lofthouse @ 27th October 2021, 9:35 PM

Although they came through at the time of punk they were probably the best pop group of the late 70s.

"My Guy" - Mary Wells

Joy Division - day of the lords

Yeah nay, I have my dishy-wishy and you is my lovely fishy-wishy
When de boat comes in.
Or whither de other boat from the Jamaican isles comes in freestylishly, howay de lads.
I'm doin' bare chested again as de snow is on de ground and you have yer mini skirt on, pet.
Don't catch a cold in that.
Remember what yer Nana told you.

Great song.

Very underrated.

Was anyone as surprised as I was when Ronaldo scored?

So what are we Toons and the Arsenal thinking then? Stick with Ronald? Or punt on Smith-Rowe at 5.6? Personally I find him to be very direct, always looking forward, he has a lovely touch, and is very clever in possession.

He is also always full of energy and work rate, and comes alive on the ball. Plus he's six feet zero inches so the height is alright and yet doesn't he resembles Qatari Kevin De Bruyne in potentials?

BUT then again, would it be best to just go now with Jesus?

On the acca?

As it's coming up to Xmas like?

And we've got a few owings on the slate?

This is my sensible post as required on the thread.

Thank you - apologies for getting it a bit wrong earlier.

Rufus Loftus-Cheek - Do The Funky Chicken:


Marc Bolan's Pan's People - Jeepster:

(Featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex):


The Fishwives Choir - When The Boat Comes In / Eternal Father:

(Da Ragamuffins 12 Incher Version)


Rubenettes with Bury Football Club, Turf Moor - Baby Love:

(Sunak's Giggsy Lane Remix)


Phil Foden and Racey - Only Some Girls Do Sex:


All this Susana Hoffs talk in the other thread made me want to listen to her voice.

Going Back to Liverpool - The Bangles

Quote: Chappers @ 28th October 2021, 6:10 PM

Although they came through at the time of punk they were probably the best pop group of the late 70s.

My friends' band opened for them on their American tour a few years ago, and we all partied in the Buzzcocks' tour bus on the last night. It was a fun night.