This Is Jinsy - Pilot

What a load of bum.

This is errant whimsy with no counterpoint to catch the eye.

Like an Aldi version of Boosh or Reeves and Mortimer.

I wasn't impressed either. I don't think it was terrible, and there was certainly a lot of invention in it, but there were no laughs at all. It reminded me of the sort of Radio 4 sitcom you hear at eleven o'clock on a Tuesday night.

I really liked the song sung by the man-lady on the rock. (repeated over the credits - very catchy.)

And there were a couple of really good visuals. But in general, didn't love it. I don't really like shows where the entire set is CGI, makes me feel a bit cold inside.

Quote: zooo @ March 1 2010, 10:21 PM GMT

I don't really like shows where the entire set is CGI, makes me feel a bit cold inside.

No, they do feel a bit sterile.

Well it takes about 200 million dollars to make CGI at all convincing.

But with comedy you can have ramshackle sets that don't look convincing. Although I do like the idea of a 200 million dollar sitcom.

Avatar and Son?

Jurrasic Park on the Buses?

But the BBC prefer the idea of a 200 dollar sitcom at the present time.

I've just read that one of the few good TV presenters, Kristian Digby, has died. That's funnier than This Is Jinsy.

I'll be very surprised if it's not commissioned.

The death of a beloved TV star? They'd never get a full series.

I forgot all about this. I was too busy falling asleep to the first part of Beeb One's Five Days.

I was surprised to see Christopher "Auf Weidersehn, Pet" Fairbank in it.

I was going to watch this, but my girlfriend insisted on watching 'Married, Single, Other' on ITV. It was not good.

Just watched it on the iPlayer.

I think what everyone has said so far is about right. Not that funny (I think the CGI was the real let-down), although I did like the song that zooo mentioned.

That was awful. It made Lab Rats look like Fawlty Towers. I wanted to get in to it but it gave me nothing. No likable characters, huge overuse of cgi and zero laughs. I'm trying to think of a positive but there isn't one.