The Look Of Love. Paul Raymond (Steve Coogan). Copyright: Revolution Films / Baby Cow Productions.

The Look Of Love

2013 British comedy film about porn entrepreneur Paul Raymond. Stars Steve Coogan, Anna Friel, Imogen Poots, Tamsin Egerton, Chris Addison and others.

Press Clippings

As creeping gentrification sounds the death knell for London's smut-central, Soho, Michael Winterbottom reprises the area's neon-lit, 1960s and 70s heyday with this affectionate portrait of soft-porn lord Paul Raymond. Steve Coogan almost engages our sympathies as the millionaire nightclub owner and pornographer, but it's a superficial film that leans heavily on Raymond's awkward relationship with his daughter Debbie (Imogen Poots).

Paul Howlett, The Guardian, 8th June 2016

How Stripper King Paul Raymond Saved Soho

Interview with author Paul Willetts, upon whose book The Look Of Love is based, about Paul Raymond and Soho.

Franco Milazzo & Valentina Rock, Londonist, 26th September 2013

Opinion: The Problem with Steve Coogan

The Look of Love is another example of Steve Coogan playing a character who is eerily like the iconic Norwich DJ.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 4th May 2013

Test your knowledge on Steve Coogan's film roles

As The Look of Love is released, test your knowledge on Steve Coogan's film roles.

Rob Leigh, The Mirror, 26th April 2013

Porn baron son's threat to Soho film

Some would say he has left it rather late. But when a new film about Soho porn baron Paul Raymond opens this week, his son will be taking a forensic interest. Not that Howard Raymond will attend a screening - he has no wish to dignify what he considers to be a tawdry misrepresentation of his father's colourful life.

Richard Kay, Daily Mail, 24th April 2013

The Look of Love starring Steve Coogan - review

"It's a wild ride for sure, but there's not much satisfaction," says Stella Papamichael.

Stella Papamichael, Radio Times, 24th April 2013

Remembering the King of Soho

The Look of Love, a film starring Steve Coogan as London porn baron Paul Raymond, reveals how he made a vast fortune out of two things - sex and property - and depicts both his heyday and his decline.

Vincent Dowd, BBC Magazine, 23rd April 2013

'The Look of Love' review

Look of Love never quite plunges its lead character into the emotional, reclusive Howard Hughes-like abyss that befell the actual Raymond.

Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy, 22nd April 2013

King of Soho's muse: Coogan has invaded my privacy

Fiona Richmond was happy to take her clothes off for adult magazines but says a new film portrays a sleazy side of her life that never happened.

Angela Levin, The Telegraph, 19th April 2013

Look Of Love review: Steve Coogan can't escape Partridge

The actor's attempt to play Soho sex king Paul Raymond should have worked on paper - they share a similar look and mannerisms - but there is only one role he can play.

David Cox, The Guardian, 15th April 2013