The Penny Pool

1937 British comedy film.

The Penny Pool / Stick 'Em Up

The Penny Pool / Stick 'Em Up

The Penny Pool features Duggie Wakefield and his crazy gang who come to the assistance of young lovers Tommy Bancroft and Renee Harland, who have been sacked from their jobs for filling in the penny football pools during work hours. But the crazy gang's assistance is not always useful!

Stick 'Em Up! is an hour-long edited version of lost film Let's Have A Murder. Double act Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss team up again as a pair of inept private detectives who are engaged to save a young man who is charged with murder from the gallows. With detectives like this pair on his side, the young man will be lucky to escape with his life!

First released: Monday 24th September 2007