The Bystanders
The Bystanders

The Bystanders

  • 2023 film

Comedy about invisible immortals who watch over their human subjects and interfere with their lives. Stars Seann Walsh, Scott Haran, Andi Jashy, Georgia Mabel Clarke, Nick Helm and more.

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The Bystanders, from debut feature director Gabriel Foster Prior, is an off-the-wall sci-fi comedy set in a parallel dimension - a world in which invisible immortals watch over their subjects and intervene in their lives, often not for the better. Filled with mysterious moments it mixes surrealism with retro sci-fi and classic silent comedy set-pieces to create a wry satire on modern city life.


Ever wondered why shit happens to you despite your best efforts? Well, it might just be The Bystanders, screwing with your life because they are bored.

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