The Bystanders
The Bystanders

The Bystanders

  • 2023 film

Comedy about invisible immortals who watch over their human subjects and interfere with their lives. Stars Seann Walsh, Scott Haran, Andi Jashy, Georgia Mabel Clarke, Nick Helm and more.

Cast & crew credits

Seann Walsh Frank Baron
Scott Haran Peter Weir
Andi Jashy Luke Gillespie
Georgia Mabel Clarke Sarah Chester
Nick Helm Bill McDonald
Frank Harper Prison Bystander
Lauren Douglin Michaela
Caroline Ginty Dotty
Lucy Pinder Julia
Marek Larwood Norm
David Schaal Skateboard Factory Manager
Emily Wyatt Cayte Dali
Writing team
Gabriel Foster Prior Writer
Jack Hughes Writer
Production team
Gabriel Foster Prior Director
Gabriel Foster Prior Producer
Luisa Riviere Producer
Will Steer Editor
Foz Foster Composer
Gabriel Athanasiou 1st Assistant Director

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