The Bystanders
The Bystanders

The Bystanders

  • 2023 film

Comedy about invisible immortals who watch over their human subjects and interfere with their lives. Stars Seann Walsh, Scott Haran, Andi Jashy, Georgia Mabel Clarke, Nick Helm and more.

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The Bystanders review

A micro-budget and scrappy energy add charm to this quirky sci-fi tale in which unremarkable people watch over their charges.

Catherine Bray, The Guardian, 31st October 2023

Seann Walsh wins at 2023 Sydney Science Fiction Film Fest

Seann Walsh has won the Best Actor award at the 2023 Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival for his starring role in Bystanders, an off-the-wall comedy set in a world where invisible immortals known as Bystanders watch over their human subjects and intervene in (or interfere with) their lives.

Off The Kerb, 29th August 2023

The Bystanders review

The Bystanders uses a familiar trope to answer a familiar question, but it does it in a way that's funny and nostalgic while remaining poignant and fresh.

Rob Jones, Filmhounds, 13th June 2023

The Bystanders review

It is sweet, funny and schlumpily humane - and finally explains why we are always losing our coat and wallet, or finding the traffic lights against us, when we most need things to runs smoothly.

Anton Bitel, SciFiNow, 6th June 2023

The Bystanders review

A hit on the festival circuit, The Bystanders is a small scale triumph and will leave you feeling that you've had a good day.

Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film, 6th June 2023

Seann Walsh stars as rogue angel in comedy film The Bystanders

Seann Walsh's feature film debut, The Bystanders, is to receive its UK premiere next month. The dark comedy about rogue guardian angels co-stars Scott Haran and also features comedians Nick Helm, Marek Larwood, Lauren Douglin and David Schaal.

British Comedy Guide, 23rd May 2023

The Bystanders review

Quirky and amusing British indie comedy-fantasy, combining elements of Gilliam and alternate universe fare over the years, set against the backdrop of North London.

John Higgins, Film and TV Now, 18th February 2023

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